Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Do I Want Fries With That?

Yes I do, actually. I'm pretty hungry... Didn't get a break at work today and haven't had a lot to eat in total. At this time of the night/morning (depending on your inaccuracy), cooking isn't appropriate but snacks just never fill ya DO THEY? DO THEY HUH? Oh sorry I went psychotic again. Erm...

If you're feeling hungry for some lovely blogging, why not check out 'Would You Like Fries With That?' ( Sure, I've known the author for a while and you may think I'd be biased, but her blog is, "certainly unadulterated Leah... which is its chief charm," says 'Martzia' magazine.

I feel lacklustre so I'm gonna go... If you fancy any fish porn, check out some of these sites: (this last one involves saucy sea-life scenarios! Butch Cleaner: "I've just come to clean your tank m'am." Fish: "Bubble bubble blurble")

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  1. Kweeeeeehhh! >.<
    I'm deffo all 'ooft' about blog advertisement!
    Danke danke danke ^^


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