Sunday, 26 February 2023

Can You Feel It?

You may think that I had forgotten it was Twin Peaks Day (the day that Special Agent Dale Cooper arrives in the eponymous town of Twin Peaks for the 'first' time in the seminal TV 'documentary' series (I have to put that in inverted commas because it's 'not true')) on the 24th, merely based on the fact that I had forgotten.

But had I? A number of phenomena I experienced will tell you otherwise.

In fact, I had the theme tune playing in my head for most of the afternoon. Okay, you're not convinced. You say, quite rightly, that I could have had any number of the show's songs as an earworm, any day of the year, and it proves nothing.

What about the fact that I decided to treat myself and make a 'proper coffee' before work? Of all the days I've been wanting to do it, on Friday it just felt right somehow, like I was being called to do it from someone or something beyond the sycamore trees... Still not having it? Well, at least I can tell you that it was a damn fine cup of coffee.

Okay then, how about the fact that, in the middle of my shift that same day, everybody stopped and went silent, and a mysterious giant appeared to me in a beam of silvery light. A sound, as of Tibetan meditation bells rang out, and he implored me, "It is happening again. It is happening - again." Yeah, explain that one.

So I'm sure we can now all agree that there was definitely something here that the FBI will want to investigate and designate a Blue Rose case. But for now, let's gas up the jet and fly away from this bizarre little digression.

Take care, and remember: the owls are not what they seem.

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