What is a Blogtastic?
Well, it's not what is a Blogtastic, actually. Blogtastic is a proper noun, a title formed from amalgamating the word 'blog' [already a contraction of an amalgamation...] and 'fantastic'. It's the blog of a poet and sometimes writer of fiction.

What does Blogtastic stand for?
Blogtastic's aims are pretty disparate. I aim to highlight news and events [usually within Literature], review things [books, films, events] that I've found worthy of doing so, raise a smile [with a jokey post or two], make you think, maybe even educate a little [usually by reflecting on the writing process]. I'm not usually big on confessional posts about my life, although these do creep in sometimes. And what's wrong with that, I ask in all innocence?

Can I write for Blogtastic?
Why? I mean, why would you want to write for such a small, hardly-noticed blog? I'm being serious. You won't further your career here. I'd advise you to submit your work somewhere else where you'll get the recognition you deserve from more professional people.

I think I've just explained that.

Oh. Erm. Can I, er, get in touch with you?
Er, well, yeah I suppose so, but again I don't know why you'd want to. I'm on twitter [@martingpalmer] and Facebook too, although I'm currently inundated with friend requests from sexcam people, so I may not accept your request out of pure paranoia. I'd prefer to give my email to people I know I'm going to be working with, rather than get unsolicited messages.

So is that it then?

For now, yes.

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