Sunday, 3 October 2010

I Feel So Good

I've just come back from my first badminton session at uni since before the summer holidays and it went really well. We paired up and had a mini-tournament with the other members of the club. I teamed up with the lads' captain and I don't think we lost a game. Serving was pretty consistently good, plenty of accurate shots to the back corners, better movement around the court, a couple of decent smashes and my wrist doesn't hurt!

On the other hand, I also feel pretty down. Liverpool managed to lose to Blackpool today and we're in the bottom three of the Premier League at the time of writing. It is a frustrating result, but I'm not angry at the players, club or manager. I feel bad for them because they are trying to win games that they're passionate about, and to lose must feel awful especially when you know you've got a much greater potential. Next match is against Everton. The Merseyside Derby is one game you certainly don't wanna lose. Come on lads, not just for me. For yourself, for your manager, for your club, for the fans.

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  1. I require your mobile number again Please ^_^
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