Wednesday, 22 December 2010

Have Fun at the Circus

Christmas. Just the three days away now. Christmas spirits at an all time high everyone? Good... GOOD! I can't believe in my last post *war memorial reference* I complained about no-one reading my blog and three wonderful persons commented straightaway! Thanks folks, you make life worth living. You'll change your mind in a sec, though, 'cause I'm gonna tell somethin' that AIN'T makin' life worth livin': Christmas.

I've felt for such a long time that I'm an old man trapped in a young man's, wait, trapped in my body and Christmas just makes me feel worse. I'm not even gunna bother going in to what's wrong with it 'cause it's all just cliches. Christmas is a cliche machine, a bit like a sausage mincer. Cliches and pre-made, recycled 'festive' tripe is continually poured into the mincer and our oesophagus is the sausage skin. It goes down our throats whether we like it or not and you can't get away from it without doing a Jeremiah Johnson. I'm not gunna bother elaborating because, if the same ol' tripe goes in, the same ol' crap comes out. I'll be an ugly, smelling, boring walking cliche if I went into the 'ins and outs'.

Stuck between a rock and a bloody cliched place when you're a sad, grumpy and bitter guy like I...

Merry Christmas.

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