Monday, 3 June 2013

Billy Collins Stuff

This is all stuff what I got from YouTube, I'm sharing the links here because I think they're worth checking out. Billy Collins is a very witty man, he writes amusing and thought-provoking poetry. I think I first came into contact with him when I read 'Introduction to Poetry', which is something with personal resonance due to my studying English Literature at school. I know you'll love it, so whatcha waiting for? Click below!

Here's a tiny selection of his poetry:

'Forgetfulness' and 'The Lanyard' at White House Poetry Night

'Hangover' (possibly my favourite)

'What She Said' (perhaps not what you're expecting...)

Here are a couple of short answers to a couple of interesting topics:

The Egotism of Poetry

The Romance of Time

Hope you enjoyed. Don't thank me, thank Billy Collins!


  1. Thank you, Billy Collins, for your wit and humor, and thank you, Mr. Blogtastic for sharing. :-)

    1. My pleasure, thanks for reading and listening :-D


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