Thursday, 7 November 2013

Getting On With It

I have so many ideas for this blog, and yet I'm publishing less and less. Soon my drafts will outweigh my published posts, and whereas there are some things you can keep to yourself, that's not the main point of Blogtastic. I've got an idea for a new series of posts and hopefully you will get something out of it. Once every month at least (i.e. payday) I have a splurge on books. What I fancy doing for this new series is posting a list of the books I've bought.

It sounds simple. It is simple. It's a kind of diary. They aren't recommendations yet, although I may review them in the future. In the absence of the regular reviews that used to feature here, these book lists still form a kind of dialogue. All things can be 'read between the lines', such as why one bought a particular pair together. Are they forming research for a project? Are any of them for uni or 'just for fun'? What happens if I lie on the list - add ones I haven't bought - how does that make it look? What does the list suggest, if anything, beyond the brute fact(s) of the books?

But it's not to be my job to answer, or even explicitly pose, these questions. I'm just going to put the list on here. It could be helpful for my development, another form of introspection, but as I said before, I hope you'll get something out of it too. I'm just not sure what. Possibly in the future there'll be more reviews or at least 'read lists', minor comments or whatever... We'll see.

Without further ado, here is the latest list:

  • Monsters of Men (Chaos Walking Trilogy) - Patrick Ness
  • Connoisseur's Science Fiction - Tom Boardman (ed.)
  • Exercises in Style - Raymond Queneau
  • Teach Yourself Writing Poetry - Matthew Sweeney

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