Monday, 7 April 2014

The Latest List

It's quite late, too.

The only books i've been buying lately have been from readings i've attended. I have to budget strictly at the minute, but it would be stupid to go to a reading and not get at least one book. Though these readings were a while ago, i thought i'd still get these books up here.

  • Selected Poems - Lee Harwood (from the last Storm and Golden Sky reading - link opens to next event)
  • Ghost Orchard - Anthony Keating (from last Edge Hill reading - link opens to next events)
  • Of Being Circular - Scott Thurston (from same Edge Hill reading)
  • The Writer's Toolbox - Jamie Cat Callan (this was actually for my birthday)
So there you have it. Again my drafts are piling up as quick as snow in a blizzard, but i'm really hoping to publish more 'actual stuff' soon, so watch this space...

Peace and love.

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