Monday, 4 May 2015

My 'I's

Just for the record, in case you hadn't noticed, the 'i' thing is off.

It was a very worthwhile experience, and I felt very positively engaged with certain concepts of equality. However, it's not something people have picked up on, frankly. The message isn't being spread. No-one seems to care. That's fair enough, I'll just try and find a better way to express it - no worries.

I still believe in groovy notions, but there's the consideration of appearance [of course]. I don't want employers, other professionals and/or artists looking at this blog, misinterpreting non-standard grammar, and then deciding I don't know what I'm talking about [no sniggering at the back...].

Yes, cue the calls [well, with this blog's readership I'll be lucky to get one call] lambasting my 'selling out' and having no integrity. Well, to you I say I never had none of that in the first place. So nyergh.

Peace, love and light.

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