Sunday, 18 October 2015

Conspiracy Blown Wide Open

Me trying to add George Harrison's 'It's Johnny's Birthday' - a major piece of evidence in the McCartney cover up - to my Facebook timeline.

You all laughed at me when I told you that Paul McCartney's dead and, in fact, has been since November 1966. Well here's more proof for you; when I tried to share a death clue on Facebook THE CORRUPT ILLUMINATI FREEMASONS IN THEIR IVORY TOWER ORGANISATION BLOCKED ME FROM DOING SO! Why wouldn't they let me put it up? Something to hide, maybe? It's all so clear now...

I can only hope that my superior hacking skills will allow me to publish this post and get past Google's vast network of shadowy McCartney agents that are trying to cover up the truth.

Remember: he never wore his shoes we all know he was dead.

Peace out.

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