Saturday, 18 June 2016

Breaking the Silence: Parts I and II

Breaking the Silence: Part I - What's Passed is the Past

This very blog post is breaking a personal silence. Not something I consciously decided to bring about or enforce, but a silence that has gone on for a long time, and something that has gone against my principles, vis trying to be a hardworking writer who makes his own luck.

Breaking the Silence: Part II - Look to the Future

The previous part is not particularly apt, in the sense that words on the page aren't noisy [though my tapping on the keyboard has produced some volume]. Part II, though, is about a more literal breaking of my hiatus [very well timed, I must say]. This is all thanks to The Other Room, Manchester's primary destination for Experimental Poetry. I will have the pleasure of reading with Sam Riviere and Sarah Kelly. I can't believe I'm there at all, let alone with two such bright lights. I know I'm very lucky.

I will be breaking the silence on the 23rd of June at the Castle Hotel, Oldham Street, Manchester, M2 4PD

Anyway, be nice to see you there. If not, maybe buy these folks' books. And if I get owt published, you can buy mine too :P

Peace, love and light.


  1. Good luck with your reading tomorrow evening. And when you get published, I will most definitely buy your book. Cheers!

    1. Haha thanks Nova! Everyone was very generous and it was a great night.
      How are you getting on?


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