Friday, 4 October 2019

Interesting Submission Opportunity

Here is a story from the publishing world, involving dark humour [content note: Nazism] and judgement:

I find anything that has caused debate like this interesting, and can generally see it from more than one side. I do think people should be able to make whatever jokes they like, but I'd like them to be as aware of context as possible, to try and avoid hurting others. However, that hope can only bely the potential to be hurt. Which is natural.

This is, after all, life, which, is currently full of humans. They inevitably make mistakes, but are also capable of such positivity. It's all about controlling what we can in our personal lives - whether you're the one who wants to make a joke, or the one that wants to react to that. Both people can be said to be trying to improve (and impress?) a behavioural community, and, in the case of the 'commenters', they are at least partly trying to improve the 'worldview' as it were.

I think the submission opportunity is, from their point of view, a good move (ideologically, and easy to get publicity for), and I have thought about the implications of sending them something... It's one to mull over...

I couldn't say much more without going into a book-length essay (I've already made this longer than I wanted to!) If I receive a suitable advance, maybe I'll get cracking on that. Anyway, what do you think?

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