Tuesday, 27 July 2010

A Classic Example of Forcing Writing

As I was putting my empty Carlsberg cans into the recycling bin (AFTER washing them. God, I'm not Hitler you know...), I realised to a certain extent how much I'm missing university. I was whinging on again to myself about not having much time off, and even when I do get it it's interrupted by a shift that ends in the morning, meaning I have to waste over half my day off catching up on sleep. Rant over, I found myself glamourizing deadlines, yes, DEADLINES. I actually thought "At least you know where you are with a deadline, and all your time off is your own to do what you want with," much like you'd think, "Ooh whatever happened to being stung relentlessly by swarms of bees" after marauding honey-makers got replaced by strong acid in your water supply.

Again, I know how lucky I am to have a job... Yeah yeah yeah... But I am being dissolved painfully from the inside at the minute, at least according to my earlier analogy, and I yearn to be attacked by fat little flying insects once more. Leah, whose blog I pointed out last time (why haven't you checked it out yet? Why? WHY, OH GOD WHY?!?) has acted as a bit of a deadline to me recently, though that sounds pretty unflattering... She's been prompting me to write as regular as I used to, and I think I'm getting back into the swing of things. If you don't like me blogging, talk to her about it!

So, to clarify things: as much as I'm enjoying life at the mo, university will provide a welcome holiday from my holidays. Have a good night folks!

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  1. Less than 8 weeks to uni!!

    As for working look at it this way
    You are lucky to have a job you just come across unlucky circumstances within that job :P

    But you are clearly good at it either way so all is well :)

    X x


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