Thursday, 9 September 2010

Balls Out (ish...)

Here's some writing I've done - a poem - I'm finally sharing some with you. It rhymes, which isn't the most creative device, and it's not great, so to make it all better I'm gonna call it a kid's poem... That'll make its shortfalls ok, right? Here it is, a KID'S poem:

The Spider

Above my head
The spider crept,
And ate his prey
As I slept.

I woke up
To watch him there,
When he suddenly
Fell in my hair!

Shoo spider! Shoo spider!
I don't want you here,
Crawling and a stalking round
I'm shivering with fear!

Calmly as I could, I tried
To remove the little beast
Then he zipped back up, to his web,
And finished off his feast.

There you go... Hooray...

1 comment:

  1. kinda reminds me of one of Dolly Peg's, about a frog I believe


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