Monday, 17 January 2011


Though twas actually yesterday, this is the opportunity to say well done to the lads of Liverpool Football Club. They've been having some pretty damn poor luck lately which has cost us points (out of our last three games, we had one loss which should have been a draw and one draw that should have been a win) and, admittedly, haven't exactly been at the apex of their abilities on the pitch. Referees giving goal chances that should never have been and penalising our lads while leaving the other team to cripple and maim freely is a little frustrating (me girlfriend has had to deal with all the bad moods, believe me!).

Come the derby. The Merseyside Derby. The Reds and the Blues together, duking it out. There was a slight hint of controversy surrounding one of Everton's goals that added to the 2-2 final score, but you know what? It didn't bother me. Every single one of our men putting in a good shift was awesome to see. Raul Meireles, a player of outstanding midfield quality who I've loved since his signing this season, netted his first on arguably the most important match of the season. Torres on fire again (I'll also take this opportunity to say screw you to all the Jamie Redknapps who got on Torres' back as soon as he failed to score every game. Bad body language? Grow up and get something relevant to talk about...), having a couple of decent efforts nearly making it 4-2. Jay Spearing getting some very positive exposure and only making a minor, non-influential mistake. They were all great. Well done lads, possibly the best match all season. Great football, and all the evidence anyone needs to conclude that we are still one of the best teams in the game, with or without Gerrard or Carragher.

Of course, well done to Everton too. Their sting lay mostly in the set piece, but it took two to tango and produce such an entertaining game.

Peace out.

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