Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Oh, January...

What is it all about? 'Life, the universe and everything'...

Sometimes I feel guilty about masturbating, using a condom or both (it's called a 'posh wank' when you join the two, those of you who like Roger's Profanisaurus or 'Urban Dictionary' for you younger readers) because I might be screwing with a potential life.

Urgh I'm being so self-centred and boring again, talking about me. What else is on? Seems there's not much... There's a documentary on how to successfully cheat and win at sports on the Man United channel. I'd watch that but Howard Webb just sent it off air. There's that western channel. Wild Wild West is on, which is a good fun romp with genuine classic western credentials despite being blockbuster-y. The Desperate Trail is on after that, that's a decent film but I was a little confused as to some of the character's morality, with the marshal offering a genuine dose of sympathy which tainted his bad guy image, and the heroine being a little too at ease with killing, especially when shooting peeps in the back.

Both decent offerings, but none compare to Jeremiah Johnson. One man, disgusted with civilization. What does he do? Cry about it? Not likely! He only bloody goes and turns his back on it doesn't he? Sure he nearly kills himself trying to live alone in nature, sure he learns the hard way, suffers more hardships than he bargained for etc, but god-damnit, a man's gotta do what a man's gotta do!

Ok, a blog that was gonna be about existentialism has turned into one almost purely about westerns... That's life for ya...

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