Tuesday, 1 February 2011


Well, it sure ain't been the best day for learning. Not really the best week for learning really. Going back to Monday, our tutor got really disheartened and started asking, rather pointedly, 'Are you bored to the back teeth? Is this too easy, too hard?' and then sighing upon no answer. You know, not everyone feels comfortable shouting out answers in a seminar. I don't think not doing so should be seen as a sign of no effort, it's just some people are more comfortable learning in different ways.

That kinda happened today. Granted our 'Writers' Context' module tutor is a little more animated than most, but he was also digging his spurs into a dead horse most of the time. Part of it was what he was doing. He talked about post-modernism (in reference to Samuel Beckett's Waiting for Godot) in a rhetorical/patronising way (which seems to be typical for lecturers unfortunately) and there was no energy to offer. I tried making some contributions, most of which he interrupted, so I stayed silent after that. The main problem was that he started talking about the philosophical aspect of the play, with particular respect to existentialism, but then went on more about the philosophy than the writing. I think deeply a lot, I don't need his 'reading list' to teach me a bunch of crap when I came up with conclusions myself. I find the topic exceedingly personal and don't need some smiling villain to mock me and try to get me to share stuff that he thinks is beyond me.

Pah! Rant over!

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