Thursday, 29 September 2016

Sober For October: The Premise

I've decided to do Sober for October this year. In a nutshell, it's a tribute to my mum. Macmillan helped make her final days and hours as peaceful as possible. If I could donate to Rosemere, CancerCare, St John's Hospice and Cancer Research UK on the same page, I'd love to, but I don't think there's that option.

I thought blogging about it would be reasonably fun. Not huge fun for me, and there's only a slim chance it'll be any fun at all for the audience [thanks Mo!], but it's happening. I just think it'll be amusing because it's hardly going to be a Hunter S Thompson style diary of someone giving up an addiction, but there is some sacrifice - probably being given a stature it doesn't merit by an over-abundance of profundity. Imagine Jeremy Clarkson writing about an small power cut, or something. Imagine the rage, the oaths, the catharsis the histrionic introspection and actual
shallowness. But still he'd write about it. And so will I.

Here's the link to my fundraising page:


  1. I have a particular soft spot for cancer research centers and care centers, having lost my own beloved sister to cancer. Best wishes. I hope a lot of people will donate to your cause.

    1. I'm sorry about your sister Nova. Yes they do so much work in such a troubled time don't they? Thanks for that, I hope so too :)
      Take care,


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