Saturday, 1 October 2016

Day One

Last request
Pictured is the last beer I'll have for a month. It was lovely. Floral and fruity hops zinged, it was cold and refreshing and OH MY GOD I'M THIRSTY AND I WANT A BEER!!! 

Nah, I'm alright really. I didn't force myself to 'make the most' of my 'last night' by getting really drunk, so I didn't wake up with a hangover this morning and things are just normal.

I have to say, this stint of abstinence does feel different to other ones though. Let me explain... I was watching Liverpool play today. I was in my local pub, in my shirt, everything was as it usually is when I go to watch football. Everything but the booze.

I genuinely enjoyed my two colas, I have to say [normally I find one pint is the limit for sickliness, but today I managed two no problem]. The problem was that the lights on the T-bars were shining brighter than usual, the pump clips were all singing their songs of taste temptation with great gusto and the medication I'm taking to reduce exaggeration continued to fail. I was looking at every lager, every ale, and wanting the bitter tingle of hops to sate me down to my core. Then I remembered that I couldn't. And it kept happening... I thought about toasting a Liverpool win with a whisky, but I couldn't. When I normally take a break from alcohol, I'm not troubled, but today I was.

Still, there are many positives. I had a lot of shopping to do after the game, and that wouldn't have gone so smoothly with four pints sloshing around inside me, so that was good. Saved a few pennies, of course [which I'll add up and put toward my JustGiving total at the month's end]. The main thing I want to point out, though, is how generous people have already been. £59.20 so far, and it's only day one! I'd like to say thanks to all the donors so far [I won't name them, in case that makes anyone feel uncomfortable. You know, for Sermon on the Mount reasons]. It cheered me up no end to see your generosity, and it gave me motivation to resist those delicious pints earlier - I won't let you down!

Peace out folks, and here's that link again:

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