Sunday, 2 October 2016

Day Two

I was working at a beer festival today. In some ways this is the same story as yesterday; I was in the prime location for maximum potential enjoyment of a beverage or ten, but I didn't partake. Again, a new raft of ultra-generous givers made this easier, and thinking of all the lovely people who've donated so far has been a great help, but there're still some odd new feelings milling around.

I wouldn't say I'm struggling (yet!). In fact, a soda and lime and, later, a coffee have been refreshing and energising options, if not the most stimulating to the inner mind and the experiential faculties. It just still feels different somehow, and the feeling is changing from day to day.

I'm not desperate to drink, and I'm conscious that I'm enjoying the alcohol-free alternatives but there's something else... I don't think it's an aversion to arbitrary constraints (some kind of revulsion at a self-imposed authority), because what I feel isn't exactly frustration, or any of the other things I've felt before. I sort of feel at a loose end. Ish. I sometimes feel that I can't 'get right' (and admittedly have used alcohol before to try and 'get my buzz back' or 'feel a bit more human'), but what I'm feeling now isn't owt like that either. So I don't know what I'm on about... Well that was worth reading wasn't it? Bet you're glad you visited Blogtastic today...

Anyway, soon I'll have an update that isn't absolutely meaningless twoddle, so hopefully you'll persevere and I'll catch you then. Tata!

Show 'em the link, Jimmy!

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