Thursday, 13 October 2016

This is an END, My Only Friend an END

Yes, it's that time again! An Exciting New Drinks [END] post! Bet you've all been champing at the bit since the last one.
"When's our next END?"
"I want another END!"
"END now!" are probably some of the things what you've been shouting into your computer screens. But that's not an effective way to communicate.

Anyway... Here's some delicious root beer. It continues to be a mystery to me why root beer is not at least as popular as Irn Bru in this country. I would say 'as popular as coke', but those big hitters in the soft-drink league are way out ahead because of all their disgusting, inhuman and evil practices which have led to them to make a ton of money and become one of those 'non-monopoly monopolies'.
I wish I had some root beer right now...
Taken by the fabbest photographer I know.
Surely it's worth checking to see if my JustGiving page is less boring than this post?

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