Friday, 7 October 2016

Great Stuff

A non-alcoholic cheers :)
The link's not worn out just yet. You can still click it and give :)

I've just found out that we've gone over the halfway point toward my £500 target. That really is great stuff, and I just want to say thanks again to those that have donated, and, perhaps rather cheekily, urge those of you who are willing and able to donate not to forget :) £250 was my original target. JustGiving automatically set it to some random number like £798 - don't ask me why it wasn't a round number - and at the time I thought, 'I'll never get near that. I'll go for something a little more realistic.'

As you will know if you've managed to keep up with my many updates, I nearly hit £250 early on, hence my decision to up the amount. I know the rate of donations can't keep going as it did, but it's a good feeling to get over the half way point so early on. I think my next stop will be family and friends that I know will be interested in what I'm doing, and hopefully able to spare some money themselves [so watch out]. It really is great stuff, though. For me, £250 is over a week's wage, so it's genuinely humbling that so much has been raised at all, let alone with such startling rapidity. For this, I say thanks again.

I suppose this is all I want to say about the amount raised until I get [with blessings] nearer to £500. Who knows, I may even have to make the threshold even higher. Great stuff, great stuff. I'm so happy that there's so much positive energy out there and that so many of you are with me, and by extension mum, my family, our friends. We're all here, together, doing well, and it's great.

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