Tuesday, 18 May 2010

It Must be Quite a Test of Mental Fortitude

I'm now looking at a freeview channel, called something like 'Babeland,' and I thought I'd give it a mention. It's pretty hit and miss when it comes to arousal, but it basically involves one or maybe two women trying to entice you into calling a premium rate number to talk to them. Unlike regular porn, so I hear from... erm... my uncle (?), there's no actual sex involved. Thus, I feel, for a lass or two to gyrate in front of a camera for however long it is (must be hours) without the necessary reciprocated sensory pleasure for sex to be good requires a lot of recognition. It's like trying to drive a car without wheels; you've got the vehicle, but you ain't goin' nowhere!

God bless 'em, an' I 'ope that they's gettin' what vey want outta loif.

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