Saturday, 15 May 2010


Wasn't great... To be honest, we at the MEN Arena had to listen to one half of the show dedicated to the usual childhood recollections and chat about TV programmes. I had to force a visible smile really, a bit like when your in a room full of people who find off-colour jokes funny, but you've had a relative that suffered from 'that' recently, and you smile and look to the floor so as not to look out of place. Anyhoo, second half was much better, some lols there. The friends who I went with summed it up nicely though; there were no "hearty" laughs. So you pay a pretty penny for a night that's certainly not bad, but was it worth it? His encore was great, a real performance piece. I'd love to elaborate, but if this show is anything like 'Live at Blackpool Tower' then it'll be on Channel 5 soon, repeated enough times for those with learning difficulties to be able to repeat the whole thing word for word. Don't even get me started on why Rick Astley supported him (and I ain't talking about Pete's sports bra here. Ooh low blow...)

Just watched The Man Who Wasn't There. Not only is this a Coen brothers' film, it also contains James Gandolfini. Bloody brilliant! Twas all in black and white, which may put some people off, but another great mix of characters, another farcical plot and a mix of ideas about justice and the comedy of life made for great viewing. Scarlett Johansson played a blinder lololol.

I'm a bit scared about going on, so I'll wish you all some inner peace and be off. I leave you with the final picture taken of my room in halls, which I'm now officially moved out of.

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  1. That's a shame about Peter Kay. I've always been a fan but I'm not able to go and see him on this tour. One of my friends is so I'll keep quiet about Rick Astley supporting, hahahaha. I like Michael McIntyre, he makes me cry with laughter.

    Are you going to miss your room in halls?

    I've not see The Man Who Wasn't There, so I might rent it.


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