Tuesday, 18 May 2010

La La Laaah

The world's okay.
Well, that's a very solipsistic point of view...
How's the world with you?

My only current nag is that after a shift in my current job, due to being constantly moving on my feet, I am moving around the house like Verbal Kint ( And I'm not sure if I'm treating my friends well enough... It's hard to get outside of my head most of the time...

I'd like to really recommend Matt at and Sassy at The former has got the balls to put excellent creative and personal material up (I know they are the same thing in essence, but lets not get too pedantic) and the latter is always extremely witty with often 'out of the box' humour. To be honest, I only put people in my reading list who are great/relevant, so why not read some blogs from the list, see how you do?


  1. My world is tickety boo, thank you for asking.

    Working plays havoc with your social life sometimes, but your friends will understand, at one time or another we'll all go through it.

    Thanks for the blog recommendations, I'll check them out.

    Keep smiling :-)

  2. Hello Martin!
    Remember me? ^^


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