Thursday, 14 February 2013

Honestly Lacerated Love-Bites

Taunt wraith-like sabotage,
Ungodliest bonehead ponce.
Beef hot death-bed hen,
Suck off homiest sprung rhythm.
Good! Inconstant, burbling,
Warm disenchanted dungeons –
The pedophile up her legend.
Tidy convivial wrencher cheapens
Useful capricious sedition.
Fool! So true, fury.
Hallowedly nauseate slick vanity,
Innovate. Outlast tube.
Moth-eaten, thrashes hotter –
Shhh! I am wise, if offend,
Mightiest, meriting blooding.
Witch watch, grow plot,
The exact, pottiest lush.
Adore hot stuff (of hung thug),
Duteously, honour devotee,
Ship. And spit. In Satanist,
Faultily idle by cow hand,
Suffocate or armpit.
Enchant, five hack thug!
Ha ha! Bed-wetting atheist –
Evildoer of fearful moron.
I’m the handsome wages.

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