Friday, 8 March 2013

What is This?

It's been common knowledge for a long time that TV is no longer the monarchy we once suspected.  When I talk about TV I talk about things that are being originally broadcast on that fucking luminescent block in your house. Not on your latptop or nothing, though it'll be available there later, no doubt. I'm talking about the 'experience' you have when you turn on your telly and flick through the channels...

What's on in the background for me right now is 'The Big Reunion' (ITV2), where bands who were too shit for the nineties have been resurrected for idiots who, in the modern world, are so entertainment-starved that they think nineties' zombies are better than anything produced nowadays. If 'zombies' actually meant 'people brought back to life from the dead' they may be right but... oh fuck it, as if you care. Put the pieces together, go on! Or find another blog... Go on...

But then, why waste time pulling apart this utterly predicatable foray into 'I'm not confident, but I'll try my best. Also, I'll try my best to seem like I like you, though I hate your guts because you're shit and I want to win' show? Any writer with more skill than I could reduce that to a much more bite-size criticism, but I'm poor. I had something I'd rather publish, but it involves a nasty character who shouldn't be named and anyway this is annoying me more at the minute...

Let's move on to the rest of the bollocks here:

At this time of night, I want someone. Just a little chat, really - a sustained conversation - or somethng like. But there's none of that anymore. I found it, maybe, when MSN messenger was about, but since then it's gone further downhill (apparently that was possible...). I turn on the telly and there is FUCK ALL to hold my attention. I could watch the news, which is as futile as voting, watch 'reality TV' which is as futile as trying to live happily, or I could even watch a film, which will not only be over half-way through but also punctuated by nob-heads in annoying adverts.

So there's basically nothing. Nothing to sustain me. But yet it's all you want to hear about. Nothing new is apparently worthy, so I should just talk about shit to do with shit that's already shit. That's what you want, yeah. Well, I'll indulge you this once, but next time you have to pay...


  1. There are becoming fewer and fewer things that can manage us to sustain us. Everything has become banal and trite, hasn't it?

    Are you into series? I watch Game of Thrones. I love it. And Downton Abbey. I good English drama series is what I enjoy. :-)

    1. Banal and trite indeed!
      Ah yeah I hear good things about Game of Thrones. Glad to hear there's something out there for you :) I'm watching Deadwood at the moment, that's pretty awesome.
      It's my silver lining of TV :)


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