Saturday, 20 April 2013

Manifest Exhibiton

Just wanted to tell y'all to get going to the Manifest exhibition, if you can. It's a showcase of collaborative pieces between poet Robert Sheppard and artist Pete Clarke.

I took a while before last Monday's MA session to take a look around the fifteen pieces (and the TV screen) that make up the collection, and I think 'impressive' is certainly top on my list of descriptives. The text-on-collage ranges from really striking boldly-coloured redblack pows in your face ('Tangled Scree, 2012'), to subtler pastel colours where the text submerges under some of the paint ('Invisible Cities, 2009').

Rarely on the page would you ever get such a diverse range of ways to try and read a text, let alone appreciate its correlation to other visual stimulus. I found myself wondering if I was reading image and regarding word and asking myself 'if I was reading it the right way' etc. In that way it was great art, surprisingly interactive in that sense. I appreciated it both from the perspective of a student of postmodernism (process on show) but also as someone who just likes engaging in new and exciting things.

It's on until April 26th, so there's still plenty of time to check it out. It's a great opportunity, not something you see often.

All relevant details about the event can be found on the first link, but also included are links to the collabortators' websites.

Peace out.

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