Thursday, 25 April 2013

Luis Suarez Greatest Hits Collection

New from Troubled World-Class Footballers Productions, the company that brought you such blockbusters as Zany Zidane's 'Nutters Paradise', Eric Cantona's 'Tie My Opposition Fan Down, Sport, That I May Unleash A Kangaroo Kick on His Posterior' and The Balotelli Boys' 'The Fireworks, Anti-Bullying, Failing to Put on a Bib, Silly Car Paintjobs, Chameleon HairJobs, Silly-Trickshots-Not-Coming-Off-With-Rapid-Substitution-In-America, Why Always Me? Album', 'Luis Suarez - Greatest Hits'.

  • The collection has all your favourites including:
  • Bite Me Baby One More Time
  • Put Your Hand on my Balls
  • I've Got a Lovely Bunch of Negritoes
  • Golden Boot, Pewter Face
  • Yellow Card (Is it Me You're Looking For?)
  • You've Lost That Respectable Feeling
  • What Could I Possibly Do Next?
  • Twat Out of Hell
  • Scarborough Fair
  • I'm Having an Off Day But Will Still Find the Back of the Net (12" Version)
And, who could forget
  • If I Could Cheat Back Time

Yes that's right, get ready for a big bloody Suarez fest, right in your ears! Be careful they don't get bitten off by Mr Suarez or his new buddy Mike Tyson. He's one of the world's best footballers and hi-jinkers, so lets forget the controversy and just focus on the good bits: his music.

RRP: Your soul.

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