Saturday, 3 April 2010


There weren't no Toast on Thursday night. Me mates and I made our way to an altogether more enjoyable place called Hustle. Twas a little disappointed that I got deserted at around 0245hrs int morning. It peeved me off to the end that I jumped into a taxi what had just pulled up beside me and I escaped.

Went to me sister's new place in Bolton yesterday. Tis a lovely place, but involves a lot of low beams. My few precious brain cells have been reduced further by a couple of bonks on the noggin. Saw Shutter Island which is another great film by Martin Scorcese. WHAT A TALENT! Hearing he had a new film out made me buzz like a bee looking at a bathful of honey. I had high expectations and they weren't shattered like a greenhouse would be if you dropped an elephant on it. No I don't think that is relevant is it? Bees and elephants... No wonder I'm still a virgin, it's supposed to be the birds and the bees isn't it? By my understanding; if a bird gets stung by a bee, your girlfriend becomes pregnant. If you use a condom, however, His Holiness The Pope pushes your girlfriend down stairs. Yes I am pretty normal.

Today, Manchester United FELL MISERABLY to Chelsea: 2-1. I dunno if that's good news or not. They are both so far up the table that their results aren't gonna make a difference to Liverpool's standing. I don't like Chelsea due to certain players giving it a bad reputation (Didier Drogba especially for his fouling, diving and foul mouthed rants, but, more recently and comically, John Terry), but no-one really likes United lol. There's a 'theatrical dislike,' as I term it, for United amongst a lot of people and I don't really concur with it.

Liverpool are playing Birmingham tomorrow, let us hope the skies are clear and sunny, but it rains goals.

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  1. I wanted to go and see Shutter Island but no one would come with me :-( I'll get it when it's out on DVD.

    You come out with some fantastic lines...'buzzing like a bee looking at a bathful of honey'- fab.


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