Monday, 26 April 2010

Broken Bleedin' Record

Well hey there, how are you guys and gals?

It's that Carnage event again tonight, you know, the one where everyone gets legless! I know fun right? Maybe not. Tis only 2145hrs and people are shouting, slurring and incessantly repeating crap.

"Who's havin' a weee?" is in at number 3.

At number 2, up from last week, it's "Mark? Mark? MARK?"

And at number 1, THE most repeated phrase tonight... Yes it's that well known song that we all love "Mum, I'm in trouble again."

Being performed right now outside a window near you is "Don't Stop Believing." Don't matter if it's the Journey or the Glee version COZ WE'VE HEARD IT WAY TOO MUCH IN THE PAST FEW MONTHS!

The song in my head at the mo is the Looney Tunes theme tune... Maybe some mental hospital sirens in the background...

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