Monday, 26 April 2010

Yeah I Was Just Thinking

I was told today by a friend that men don't like to talk about their feelings. Part of me is thinking now 'DUH!!!' Of course I should know that. It's practically a scientific fact.


All through my life I've had a certain amount of sensitivity. I've always craved a mate (not necessarily a guy, I guess) with the emotional intelligence to listen and speak with respect to feelings and problems etc. It's been a problem in my life: not finding that. I thought uni might make things easier. Seems that should've been another 'DUH!!!'

Don't matter your age, don't matter your intelligence; some people are still as backward as the caveman...


  1. Dolly's always got an ear if you need one. :-)

  2. Ta muchly, I got two for ye should the need arise. I'm just afraid that if I discuss feelings that my meat and two veg will drop off, because that's apparently what'll happen...


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