Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Back from badminton

Good evening guys.
Not been back from badminton long before starting this; it starts at 2000hrs, finishes at 2200hrs and then there's the showering and snacking til you feel back to your usual self. In 2 hours you get a pretty good workout going. Well, that's if you keep on your toes and run around like a madman after all the shots you reckon you can return. I joke that I'm so unfit, just getting the racket out its case makes me sweat, but that's not even funny... I was a bit annoyed with myself that I didn't work so hard as to give myself the usual headache, but I've calmed down a bit now! Could've performed better, dropped a few 'silly points' in the easier games and made stupid errors against more challenging opponents (I've learned that missing the shuttlecock is never good!). First game was good though; me and my game partner beat one of the best in the club and the lass playing with him (no dirty pun intended). It went all the way up to 30 points making it a tense battle. For those of you not in the know, that's significant because doubles games like this usually go up to 21 (ladies' games are sometimes up to 15), but upon both sides reaching 'match point' (20), you then have to score 2 clear points or first to 30. Every day's a school day!
There's news on the football front too; I now know where I'm going to be sitting during my first game at Anfield (Liverpool's home ground guys...) against Unirea, who are Romania's best according to the mate I'm going with. I've no idea what to say about that because I've not even heard of Unirea before! More immediately there's the trip for our Liverpool lads to the Emirate's stadium to face Arsenal tomorrow. They're currently 5 points ahead of us in the Barclay's Premier League, they are third and we are fourth. If we win, we'll be bolstering our chances of remaining in the top four, obviously, but I doubt it's gonna be easy! I think we'll concede, but 2-1 to us would be great. I might even be hypocritical - with respect to my last post, 'Carnage' - and get a little steaming. COME ON LIVERPOOL!
Gonna round off by saying that I've been looking into 'freeganism' recently. For those not in the know, freeganism is the act/philosophy of living without taking part in the wasteful commercial society we live in. They live by 'dumpster diving' i.e. 'rescuing' food from bins that is safely edible but has been thrown out because the sell-by-date has been reached. Yes, that does mean that supermarkets throw out edible food. They probably put cautious sell-by estimates on 'just in case', but this means that perfectly good food is wasted. Freegans can range from people with environmental concerns, moral concerns, economic concerns, a mix of the above or whatever. For more info, check out ''. Anyone out there tried being a freegan?
That's all from me folks!
P.S. I've included a picture of the beast I use up top. It's scored many a point and missed many a shuttle. The trainer sneaking in at the bottom is nothing to do with anything. I wear different ones to train in...

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  1. I hope you had a great time playing badminton!:) Thanks for sharing this experience!


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