Thursday, 25 February 2010


Wow it's been another long period since my last blog. Blame beer, blame football, blame work, blame friends and maybe even blame it on the boogie, but don't blame me. Yeah quite a bit has happened: a very good badminton sesh, a very bad badminton sesh, I went to Anfield (effing amazing! All the celebrities in glorious tru-life HD, a win and the only goal of the game scored at the Kop end where I was chanting meself hoarse. Great stuff), had a real struggle with a 2000 word essay on the gothic novel, watched No Country for Old Men (another great effort by the Coen brothers in which a psychopathc killer is given a very chilling portrayal) and, most recently, I saw Liverpool beat Unirea Urziceni again - on their turf this time - 3-1. Pretty decent match and the first time we've scored more than twice since 30 games ago when playing Hull. Masch put in a Steven Gerrard-ian effort from outside the box to pull us level, then Babel put in some inspired control-and-poke movements near the goal line before the skipper himself showed his usual flair with a shot so powerful that the keeper just wasn't enough to stop it.
Oh yeah I've gotten a little obsessed by Morrissey's 'I'm Throwing my Arms Around Paris' of late. Harry Hill sang it in one of his TV Burp episodes (which I'm a massive fan of) so I searched for it on google and found out that it's actually sung by one of the most genius singers ever.
Something is compelling to talk about the word 'disparity.' I mean, what a word! Disparity... Say it... It means, like, the difference between something. For example, one might say, "The disparity between Liverpool's skills and anyone else's is massive." This kinda word blog thing aint nothing new. Recently been watching 'HotForWords,' a fun youtube sensation where a hot Russian lass defines words for ya. Sex sells, so why not use it for the benefit of mankind in the educational department? Check it out at
Todays pics are of a coin that was sneakily given to me instead of £2 at a bar recently, and of Anfield (even though it's frowned upon, I took a picture of it, that's just the way I am). Crafty buggers! Peace out

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