Sunday, 14 February 2010

'Valentine's Day'

Well I 'pwnd' at badminton today (again see if you don't know what I'm talking about...). I guess I must've lost at least one game but I don't remember it, I did pretty well. Even won in a 2-on-me campaign, which pleased me no end. Was going to include a picture describing 'pwnd' but I dunno if that'd get me into copyright trouble so just google/urban dictionary it. After badminton I got annoyed, don't need to elaborate I just did.
Who actually likes Valentine's day by the way? All I could find out about 'St. Valentine', other than that there's some discrepancy over which Valentine we are talking about, is that he helped people during the persecution of Claudius II's reign and was thus condemned to stoning and clubbing or something. He was made of tougher stuff, though, and it was the beheading that finished him off. He was beheaded on the 14th Feb 270 CE and, upon seeing the blood gush forth from his stumpy neck, everyone shouted out loud, "Let's celebrate love on this day for ever more!" I found all of this out, except the last facetious part, from Have fun checking that out for yourself.
I'm single, I'm bitter, goodnight...

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  1. A bit late but still a comment.. lol
    I personally hate Valentine's day cos if you're alone people will rub in your face that you're alone, making you feel shit. So... when I have someone I don't celebrate at all in respect of all the singles out there who are feeling crap, like I used to!


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