Saturday, 13 February 2010


Well I've not long since started this blog and I've already neglected it for a day or two, it seems like I don't care. I've actually had a bit of a crisis with this thing; I don't think what I'm doing is particularly interesting... I was never really sure what direction I was gonna take this when I started but I looked at other people's blogs and mine seems pretty lame lol. I'm now following Chris Killen's blog ('day of moustaches' I think) and Jenn Ashworth's ('every day I lie a little' which, incidentally, has won an award because it's so good!). Chris came to Edge Hill to give a reading from his first book 'The Bird Room' last semester, and it were reet gewd.
So, to give you a summary of what's been going on: there have been naked men being chased around our rugby pitch by folks trying to hit them with their poles. Flagpoles for those of you with a smutty disposition (artist's impression above). I got some marks back for my work, a disappointing 54% in Language (I was a little tangential and didn't bother to use the Harvard referencing system... How silly of me...) and a couple of low 60s from Lifewriting. Woohoo... Also there were the badminton team photos. I nearly caused havoc by not wearing a clean, blank sports t-shirt and got a solo shot of me jumping in the air. It wasn't the most glamorous shot I've ever done, but then everything's downhill from 'Playboy' I guess... Also in the news: Liverpool lost 1-0 to Arsenal, so I got drunk (for some reason people started buying me brandies, as if that was my regular drink-of-choice lol!), sung/shouted/wailed 'You'll Never Walk Alone' and met some nice American lasses, hailing from Michigan, one of whom was named Lindsay. Finally, since my last post, I've been shopping. This is the kind of exciting thing I know will make my blog more interesting! No, of course not. What I'm saying is that beer was on my list, I failed to purchase any beer, and now I am beerless. I have a message for you folk out there (as long as you are old enough to make your own decisions about booze); If you are going to buy some beer, buy some beer. I wish I'd thought of this previously...
My final thought (ever? No, just for this blog...) is on the double dot. It's not an elipsis (...) but not a full stop by any means. It's mathematically halfway between the two, but its meaning is nowhere near either... I don't know what it is and trying to solve its mystery makes me unsure as to whether I know anything...

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