Monday, 8 February 2010


With all the noise going on outside my window right now, I feel compelled to have another blog. A load of my mates are going to Carnage right now (if you look at, it is described as "Quite simply the best student event ever"), and they've already had quite a bit to drink. I want to make it clear this isn't a big rant at Carnage. The organizers say that student safety is at the forefront of their minds, which is fair enough. I also know that the fact they've already been drinking hasn't been magically inspired by some event that's going on; it's their choice to get drunk when they want to and I've been drunk myself before, so even if I wanted to take the moral high ground I couldn't.
My point actually was going to just be a bit of a taste of what exactly is going on outside. We've got many variants of the chant "let's get f***ing w***ered" (look up 'LGFW' on if you are unsure as to what I'm talking about) being chanted, windows being rattled by knocking and people whapping out their lovelengths (though, in fairness, I only heard people saying that spam javelins had been unleashed, I didn't look for meself!).
So yeah, it's all kicking off, and that's before people have gone into town! Okay then, probably time to come clean, this is sort of a rant... Sorry to deceive you dear readers! Whenever I get past the point of tipsiness - at least after my 18th - it's always through knowing how I'm pacing myself and not taking it past the point of being able to hold my drink. In short, whether you end up spewing up or not, I think getting really well-oiled before going out to get more drink is not something I'd ever condone. I have pre-game beers before certain events: save a bit of money whilst you're there and maybe get a little more relaxed. Taking it to the really loud point where banging on people's windows and getting your little man out seem hilarious might possibly not be the most responsible thing...
This is where I kinda hope certain friends don't think I'm judging them personally, or I hope they don't read this post, OR I hope they can't remember what they did in the morning and don't know I'm talking about them! Still, if they had a problem with it, maybe they should look at their own regular sessions of excess instead of judging my relatively infrequent ones!
Anyone else been to a Carnage night out and is able to tell me how it went?

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