Monday, 15 February 2010

Monday bloody Monday

Well yeah it's been a pretty dreary Monday with the rain and the oh-so early lessons at 1000hrs. Fiction writing was focused upon settings today: how they inform and enhance characters and plot in a setting. Some people even regard setting as another character!!! Bear that in mind when you next write something, even if it's a shopping list.
So today I found out a couple of new mates' birthdays, bought a mouse for my laptop which helps during internet gaming (apparently), missed out on the opening of 'Club Velvet' in Southport - which I actually wanted to go to despite not being a club person normally - and have got an essay that I'm trying to get going with.
So, to feel like a 'good boy' I'll not rant on any longer about problems I'm having, and leave you in the knowledge that someday soon I'll be free of this essay and we can be as close as we want...
At the top of this post I have included a picture of what the rain outside could look like, with skillful application of a pint glass recepticle, and the coffee which is going to get me through some of my essay (though not in that order or with any known laws of gravity). I know it's what you want.

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