Thursday, 24 January 2013

A Big Thank You

Yes, that's right, a big thank you to everyone who has ever read my blog. I'm not quite the cold and heartless nincompoop that I always appear to be... Whether you've accidentally clicked on a link and curiosity got the better of you, or you regularly come here to check on a real-time mental breakdown, I appreciate it.

There is a bit of a serious side to this blog. I do, in amongst the 'random' stuff, like to share good books I've read, films I've watched. I've not been very successful in stimulating online discussion, but if I've made you think about something in a new way then that's good enough for me. I'd also like to think some of my posts have achieved their aim of giving ideas, advice (other people's!) and even reassurance to other writers out there. Maybe I've raised a laugh now and then. There's nothing much sweeter than making someone laugh in my book.

You may be wondering why I'm saying this now, but in January alone (which hasn't finished yet, unless I slept in a little more than usual this morning) I have just got over a thousand page views. I've been working pretty hard to get more material on here and circulate it more, so it feels good to have some stats to back up the graft (and, if I'm being egocentric, it proves that people like it ha).

All that's left is to say thanks again folks! I'm not going to promise anything, but one day there may be something worth reading on here...

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