Friday, 11 January 2013

Hi There

Please, dear people, I have a favour to ask of you. There is this blog I like and it'd be really good if you checked it out. It's written and performed by Chris Killen who's an ex Edge Hill student, which is how I found out about him and his book The Bird Room (also worth a look actually). Anyway, this latest blog of his is called hi there.

I'm not just linking you to it because he gave me a 'shout out' (though it is admittedly nice to repay the gesture), I'm bringing it to your attention because I like what he's doing. I hope you do too. I believe blogs are about embracing as much multimedia as humanly manageable (without replacing quality of content), and using videos is an effective way to do this. I've used pictures and links before, but audio clips and videos should feature too, and watching Chris' vids has been really useful.

So check it out, get involved, comment, follow etc. Thanks.

P.S. Please don't mention the irony of me saying how good it is to embrace multimedia in a post, then producing one that's so bland...

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