Tuesday, 29 January 2013


Have you ever had problems with stationery stability? Is your office too stationary? Do you ever find yourself wanting a more dynamic pen experience? Scratchberger Johnson has a new range of products guaranteed to change your life forever. The new Toumpare 3000 fits over EVERY pen ever (guaranteed*) to make pens slide off desks much, much easier.

Fits Easily
Our team of scientists has targeted the main issues surrounding pen performance and has made big, exciting breakthroughs.

Hexa-Facet System
Lid-Clip Stabilizer

The Toumpare is a dedicated sheath for writing implements with a triple-action strategy guaranteed* to improve the kinetic function of your pen. Sturdy plastic plastic guards help counteract the traditional hexa-facet system of biros, while the Prolux enhancement actively neutralizes lid-clip stabilizers.

Here at Scratchberger Johnson, we understand the pressures and demands of modern life, and the Toumpare will increase kineticism in your pens and even improve your lower-back muscle tone. We want your Toumpare to reflect your personality, which is why we have developed the Toumpare 3000 (in black), Toumpare Boss-Size (in grey) and the Femme-Toumpare (in stylish pink).

Toumpare 3000
Toumpare Boss-Size
Femme-Toumpare (artist's impression)
They will have your pens rolling off your desk in no time at all, you'll wish you'd bought one sooner! But don't just take our word for it, here are some customer testimonials that are guaranteed* true!

"I just can't believe what a difference it's made. All for such a low, low price!"   Martin Palmer - England

"It has blown my mind, and my lower back! I'm picking pens up off the floor left, right and centre!"   Matthew Parker - Australia

"The Femnme-Toumpare really speaks to me as a woman. It allows me to be strong, independent and constantly have pens falling off my desk!"   Jenny Reinhardt - Canada


  1. That little thing does ALL that? Fabulous! :)

    1. It sure does! And for a low-low price. I have some free samples (out of stock on the Femme-Toumpare but got plenty of regulars and Boss-Sizes if you fancy).


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