Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Just Like That

Things are better. The power of communion really is amazing. The generator has whirred back to life. The lights are back on. The clocks have started moving forward again. They stutter slightly, sure, but pothing's nerfect right?

Things haven't been resolved, but then what ever is? Do I know more about writing? No. Do I know more about myself? No. Am I a writer? I'm still not sure, but I am still writing. Also I'm thinking about future projects, feeling that excitement again. Next stop: getting cracking (hopefully).

This has been a response to Not Sure Anymore. Things have changed. As it often does, the Morecambe winds have cleansed the bad thoughts away. The only problem now is that the sea's anger seems somehow related to those lads messing around with the vending machine at Preston train station.

I'm not normal...


  1. Martin, I spent about half an hour last night commenting on your last post. Six paragraphs, two subplots, a few minor characters. And then bloody blogspot didn't post it and I lost it all. I couldn't really be arsed writing it all out again. So glad you're feeling better anyway...

    I even lost my joke about your blog being called Martinis Blogtastic and there being no posts on martinis...

    1. Oh God, I HATE it when that happens. You have my genuine sympathy :(

      Ha well, watch this space... Who knows if that particular drink might make an appearance in the future!

      Anyways thanks dude, good seeing you again.


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