Friday, 18 January 2013


Normally I'm about as positive as a drawer full of photograph film (I tried there, I really tried...), but it struck me the other day while doing work on an assignment: there is hope. I know the fact that it was an 'academic' essay may make people question the relevance to the practice of creative writing, but I can honestly see ('feel' is also as appropriate) a difference.

I remember, not too long ago, the feelings of utter restlessness that used to haunt me whenever I sat down to write something. Usually an essay, but also creative pieces (when they were done completely off the cuff). Whenever I started a piece, came back to a piece, re-started a piece or even came back from a piss in the middle of a piece I'd be all out the groove and have to ask myself "right, what am I doing?" I noticed on my last essay, though, that I've managed to be more relaxed about my approach and have also gotten cracking much sooner.

In the writing of the first draft for my latest endeavour, it took me barely a few minutes to actually start pushing keys (after my usual notes on paper - much more civilized!). Did a little bit of internet surfing, but only really to check my blog.

Which brings me onto what I think are some of the main causes of my increase in dynamism. First: deleting my facebook games ('Angry Birds' especially) has cut out so much potential procrastination and made a lot of my work avoidance more practical (if I do go on facebook, I'm able to socialize quickly and check what other writing pals are doing, other than that I'll check my emails and whatnot - also very useful for keeping up to date with writing events and stuff that no doubt you've signed up to). Second: my blog. It's got me writing more regularly (thereby helping to increase my writing stamina), thinking about content, formal elements, comedy and perceptions more and it's got me reading reading other people's stuff more - generally being more 'active'. The blogging has also helped me associate the internet with the right kind of fun, i.e. writing. What better way to procrastinate from writing than to write? That's a win-win-win situation!

Anyway, there're more reasons, but I've gone on long enough as it is.

Just wanted to share some positivity I found in a world of rolling negative-storms.


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