Sunday, 13 January 2013

Top Books

At the last MA session before Christmas me and the other writers gathered in a pub. A sense of community is important in many ways for writers, and alcohol is important for me so it was a win-win.

One thing we discussed was favourite books. What I'd like is if everyone reading this post commented and said what their favourite book is. Since I'm not a Nazi, I'll broaden the view a bit: maybe you could say what you think is an important book (culturally or personally, whatever really). Heck, maybe not even book - why not film, play, poem, sculpture... Whatever.

I'd just like to hear from you. Just put the title of the thing, maybe say why you feel the way you do about it. There's no pressure, I'm just interested in anything you have to tell me.


  1. Name of the Wind - it took me further away from this bleak reality than I've been before. Perfect escapism.

    1. Thanks friend, this ties in to what we were saying on Friday about escapism doesn't it? Good to hear from you :)


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