Wednesday, 16 January 2013


Introducing: 'facebosom'. I'm, er, not really sure what it is to be honest. I'm being told it's like a new social network site, sort of similar to facetome and visagebook. I've never even heard of them...

I mean, don't we have a diagram to explain it or anything? Oh, I'm being told there is a picture, but we can't show it to you. It's not rude or anything, it's just that it's for the makers of facebosom.

Is this actually a real thing? It's not a joke is it? I'm being told it is real... It's a real joke based on the pretense of a real lie. Sounds real enough.

Anyway, the point is it's gonna shake things up in a real big way. You won't know what hit you! Up'll be down, down'll be right etc etc.

So, er, folks... That's that. That's what facebosom is.

Who knows?

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