Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Blood Alcohol Levels on the Rise!

It has emerged only moments ago that Blogtastic's author Martin (19) has started an evening beverage. Bystanders confirmed that the aleged drinker of beer had a pleasant day spending a litle birthday cash on badminton gear, clothes and alcohol.

After a lovely tea involving chicken curry laced with mayonnaise, it is reported that the much loved blogger sank into a couch and started to watch 'TV.' Suddenly his behaviour deteriorated and he cracked open a bottle of Belgian-brewed Duvel, allegedly described by the reprobate as, "Pretty flavoursome, refreshing and well worth paying a little extra especially with the whole higher alcohol content and stuff."

His family is said to be distraught. His mother (21...) said of the day, "This just highlights the terrors of modern life. Some times my son can be so down and miserable, but today he simply had a good time and decided to have a refreshing beverage to finish off a lovely time. I don't know how we're going to cope."

Council officials warn that this good mood could last for some time.


  1. Fantastic news on the beer, food and good mood..haha, a rhyme (sorry!).

    Keep up the good work...I fancy a glass of vino myself now.

  2. Go for it! Red, white or rose?

  3. A nice cold glass of white for me....and a packet of salt & vinegar crisps (I'm such a classy bird!). lol


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