Saturday, 6 March 2010

To You

I tell you what, Im overwhelmed by 'Dolly Peg and the Untruths'. By the way, if you're an idiot, that's one of the blogs I'm following at the mo and, for my money, one of the best. The voice is so down to earth, so informed and - as I know from personal experience - the author is so lovely, it's such a great thing. I was recently pretty unwell and I got a comment from the lass in question wishing me well. Wise beyond her years and a lovely person too, check out 'Dolly Peg and the Untruths' at
Erm, aside from reading better blogs, I've been going to lectures and using earplugs TO STOP EVERYONE'S NOISE FROM STOPPING ME SLEEPING!!! Yeah I'm an angry mofo atm, hope that doesnt't rub off on you guys. Seriously, all I got to tell ya is that I been drinking tonight, alternating Carlsberg (Liverpool F.C.'s sponsor...) with Jagermeister (which I've recently been told has herbal remedy properties).
Well I'm getting 'too far gone' atm, so erm love life and check out decent blogs lol... I'm off for some rum cocktails etc...
Btw, my last pic of tea was taken without me stirring the mixture, i.e. I let the milk diffuse naturally, so that may be why it looks so sexy! Today I got a picture of (and I'm making this up as I type)... a box of tissues... I don't know what I'm doing anymore... I'm taking it coz it's on the desk in front of me... Ciao!


  1. You've made me blush with such glowing praise! Don't do your own entries such a dis-service either, it's great, I really enjoy reading them. ;-)

    I'm glad your feeling better though, did the Jagermeister help?


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