Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Well hey there!

Where in the hell do my titles come from? I don't know!
Slightly p***ed off at badminton atm. My troubles sleeping and effort levels are affecting my play badly. Also, low turn-outs from people who actually give a s**t are making me care less. When you wanna play, and you got people sitting out on a bench for ages, or someone playing you who won't get on their toes and move for a shot outside their arm radius, what's the point? That's where I'm at now (with badinton!): what's the point?
Maybe that's the question I should ask more generally... With that disturbing notion, I'd like to confirm that I am combatting being p***ed with getting p***ed. I started on my way, but the rate of consumption has fallen, so I'll get a show (which will unfortunately sober me up) then start on 'white Russians' and rum with assorted fruit juices LOLZ!!!
Saw Twilight today, with a downloadable mock commentary. Don't ask me where to find it coz a friend set it up, but hey... It was ok. A lot of bad stuff mixed with rare funny moments.
Speaking of funny; I nearly got chance to flex my funny (but sick) creative writing muscles in the LNG1003 module today (sorry, slightly distracted by some lasses making orgasm noises outside my window... Oops got a semi... Right now where were we?). The group I was in had to produce the beginning of a news article concerned wiht an 85 year old WWII veteran, with three grandchildren, who'd been killed by teenagers in Liverpool (a point we were supposed to emphasise), to sum up the brief. I got a bit facetious, but I'll post what I wrote in a separate post. I think that makes sense...

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