Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Buona Notte

Hullo there. Just got out the shower. The shower was good. Bit hot though. Bit of a problem coz it means you sweat a little bit after you've got out, meaning that you are instantly losing your freshness the moment the water stops dribbling all over ya.

Saw part of Transformers 2 today with special commentary. I can't remember if I've already blogged about this, but you can download an amusing commentary from somewhere on the internet which you play over the film. The guys make sarcastic comments and stuff in real time so it can be pretty funny. Oh and Megan Fox is hot Francy, no doubt in my mind. Yes there are hotter people, but she has enough 'alluring qualities.' Hmm, think I have written about this...

Badminton was okay. A couple of new girls came tonight that haven't played before, so the challenge pour moi was to limit my play in order to give them a chance. Played against my game partner in singles and we didn't have enough time for a decider (we'd both won one game). He trashed me at pool in the bar though, both games skillfully executed in contrast to my extremely annoying performance where I kept being as close to potting balls as I possibly could without actually sinking the buggers... Dolly Peg's career in this field has been suffering a bit of late too, check out her blog from my 'Blogs I follow' section somewhere on this virtual slab of fun.

Sooo; last night Liverpool comfortably dominated Portsmouth 4-1. A fantastic sight to see us play normally and well. First and last Liverpool goals netted by Torres, second by Babel and the third one was Alberto Aquilani scoring his first for Liverpool, so well done to him. Belhadj scored the final goal of the game for Portsmouth, a nice little consolation goal that didn't spoil the mood for me. Our skipper had a bit of a to-do with Michael Brown. The Pompey player ran into Gerrard's forearm in a clumsy fashion and hurt himself a bit. Gerrard's arm was only in the way due to a sudden gust of wind. Only joking; it was a nasty and ill-calculated incident, but thankfully he wasn't punished because the FA says you can't punish a player retrospectively when the referee has already meted out 'punishment' (a free kick in this instance). Brown didn't exactly look hurt anyway, so though it was a stupid thing to do, there was no damage done really.

I'll round off with a negative. Despite the chance that this may be read by the friend I'm about to complain about, I don't care. He knows that he's been really disrespectful to me so he's brought it on himself. Not gonna name names, but I've got a mate who likes some weird banter. I very rarely give anyone any stick, even in jest, because it's not a clever thing to do. This guy, however, keeps coming out with odd insinuations and nasty comments. After he has any drink at all, like last night, he gets much worse. He just wouldn't shut up despite the fact that I obviously wasn't amused. Don't wanna go into what he said, but there was another friend in the room at the time, and now everything's awkward because his idiotic behaviour has shifted the mood of our group.

Maybe I won't finish on a low. The hols are coming up soon, so is my birthday, so is my fedora hat and, as soon as tomorrow comes, it'll be Saint Patrick's Day! Hoorah!


  1. I'm throwing down the gauntlet here and challenging you to a game or 2 of pool!! I can show you my superb potting the white skills, and just tapping the ball so it bounces off the pocket into the middle of the table, moves as well! Impressive....I like to think so.

    When's it your birthday? Is the fedora getting a special outing?

  2. Challenge accepted! Just name a time/place and I'd love to!
    I just realised that with the posting taking time, I don't know if I'll get my hat before I go home, and that means the post room might return it to sender coz I've not been there to collect. In other words, I picked a really bad time to order this and I could be up hatless creek without a... hat...

  3. Surprise! I am making my presence known hehe
    Anywhoos do not worry, instead be happy
    Or something along those lines.. X

  4. Excellent, I love a challenge...I tend to prefer them when I have a remote teeny weeny chance of winning, but I know there is no chance of that, hahaha, will still be a giggle though. When do you head home for Easter, is it as soon as we finish on Friday, or are you around till the following week?

    I'm sure if you had a word with the post room they might hold the parcel for you till you get back. I can't wait for the grand unveiling!

  5. Erm the Sunday or Monday after methinks. Tis me birthday soon, y'see, and some of me family wishes to spend some time with me in Liverpool so I ain't goin' straight away.

    I'll be gutted if this next size is too big and I have to send it back again lol!

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