Monday, 8 March 2010


That's really abismal... I know I've been following Liverpool for a fairly short time, but I've realised that this season is below their proper performance. This season, the one I've been able to follow most closely, has been sub-par, but I don't support Liverpool on the assumption they're gonna win. I support them coz I'm proud of 'em and I enjoy watching 'em. Tonight however, they could hardly get their passes right. They had the usual problems making chances up front, and fluffing certain opportunities presented nearer the goal line, but their normal passing was so poor that pressure couldn't be applied. Very sad to see... 1-0 to Wigan...

I look at football as a game, I don't look at it as just Liverpool FC. I know that judging a team on past performance is a fallacy because - just like ordinary life - sports people's careers have their ups and downs. It's disappointing when fans of other teams have a go because we weren't as good as we once were, but even Manchester United aren't perfect. They've fallen to Burnley (a side who've only been promoted to the Premier League this season) and Everton (who we've even managed to beat both times). My point is that you've got to have a sense of perspective. Liverpool are having problems, but they can't win prestigious trophies at the drop of a hat! Let fans enjoy their football and whatever happens to Liverpool, I'll be proud to support them. They could get relegated out of existence and I'll never support another team. Basically, let us not get bogged down in what used to be, or maybe even what will be. Let us enjoy what is, here and now. I take what I can from every match, like I do from every day life. Don't judge people on past happenings (like not all Germans have been Nazis, for example), but be perceptive to the immediate happenings.

That may have been a very deep message wrapped in a football, so, in case I'm getting out of my depth, I'll digress! My team may have lost, but I celebrated in life with some mates, and even made a couple of new ones. I almost forgot about the bad result until walking back! I always have deep conversations with this lad, loosely centring around the ego, and he was on form tonight. With that, I leave you with the mixture of Napolitan Italian dialect, but also the Spanish 'salud' meaning good health (as in a toast to...) x

(Pictured is my toast to you guys out there, "Salud!")

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